FOR SALE: USA 1044 Posted on: November 10, 2017


JJ Fetter
Price: $11,900 USD

Location: San Diego, California, USA Condition: Excellent


Ontario in excellent race-ready condition.
Sparloft (New Zealand #70) mast
Good inventory of sails — newest sail is a Runner with maybe four days of sailing on it. The rest of the newest jibs and a VMG kite have probably 6 - 12 days of San Diego light air on them. And three mains — two have probably only 12 -20 days of SD sailing on it. So plenty of good quality racing sails for local fleet racing. Also with tactic compass.
Burtek single axle trailer in almost new condition with three storage boxes (two long ones for mains and jibs, plus a smaller one for spinnakers)

USA 1044

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